Most Important Features Your Renter’s Insurance Should Include

You get renter’s insurance when you are renting your house and want insurance that covers an unexpected event, such as a hurricane or fire, from damaging your belongings. Choose your renter’s insurance wisely, and make sure it has the most important features that you need.

Here are some tips, courtesy of Chastain Agency Inc. in Gainesville, GA.

Specific Coverage

Consider what belongings you have and how much they’re worth when determining what policy to get. Make sure your policy covers whatever you own. So for example, if you have expensive antiques, jewelry, tons of electronic equipment, or valuable artwork, get a policy that covers all that. Also, inform your agent of higher priced items.

Ease of Claims

You get renter’s insurance hoping you will never have to use it, but you get it because you don’t know if you will ever have to use it. Make sure that the policy you get is simple and easy to use. Make sure that if you ever have a claim, dealing with it will not be stressful, time-consuming, or complicated. Verify the dollar amount or compensation you will receive is reasonable and fair if you ever have a claim.

Affordable Cost

You might desire a super-deluxe renter’s insurance policy with tons of bells and whistles, but if it’s way out of your price range, it’s not going to be do-able for you anyway. Stick with a policy that provides you with the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

There are many other aspects that your renter’s insurance policy should include, but those will vary from person to person based on specific and unique needs. Consider your own requirements when deciding which renter’s insurance policy will work for you. And to help you weigh all your options, Chastain Agency Inc., serving the Gainesville, GA area, is only as far as a phone call away. Please get in touch when you are ready to discuss and explore renter’s insurance options and features.