Commercial Insurance Tips for High Turnover Fleets

Business owners in Gainesville, GA, have plenty to keep them busy. If you are in a business with a fleet of vehicles, the last thing you want is to waste time and effort keeping up with changing insurance needs. Yet, many fleets need to replace those vehicles on a regular basis. Understanding this, Chastain Agency Inc. has gathered a few tips to help those of you with high vehicle turnover.

Boost Security

Having high vehicle turnover means that the average value of each vehicle in the fleet will remain high. When you reduce the risk of theft, it often empowers your insurer to cut premiums despite the fact that your vehicles are worth more. Secure parking is the first step in that process. Ironically, fleet vehicles are often at highest risk when they aren’t in use. If you can demonstrate secure parking, it goes a long way to slash the risk of theft.

Similarly, investing in GPS tracking gives your insurer a lot more confidence that they won’t be replacing stolen vehicles. This is especially important when vehicles are not assigned to dedicated drivers (such as with car rental companies). While these are the big two security issues, anything you can do that protects your vehicles can help keep insurance costs down. But, as always, the details of potential savings will depend on your exact policy.

Get Close to Your Agent

Obviously, you don’t want to be paying for insurance on vehicles that are no longer in the fleet. The best way to keep your insurer informed about changes to the size and content of the fleet is to maintain close contact with your representative. You can trust that your insurer will want to facilitate this relationship, and you can make things even easier by helping them anticipate turnover schedules and planned changes. This empowers them to help your policy adapt freely, and it is your best bet for keeping insurance costs from rising unnecessarily.

As always, if you have additional questions or concerns, you can always contact your Chastain Agency Inc. representative serving Gainesville, GA.