4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Renter’s Insurance Covered

Renter’s insurance helps protect the personal property of those living in the Gainesville, GA area. You already know that your clothes, electronics, and other personal effects are covered. But what else can your renter’s insurance do? Here are some of the lesser-known perks of a renter’s insurance policy from Chastain Agency Inc.

  • Is your living space infested with cockroaches, rats, or other unsavory vermin? Your renter’s policy could help you pay for an exterminator. You may also be able to claim funds for damages to your property related to the infestation.
  • Did an accident or natural disaster render your living space uninhabitable for a short period of time? Many renter’s insurance policies pay for temporary lodgings due to covered events. That means if you need to move into a hotel while your home is repaired, your insurance carrier will foot the bill.
  • Was your car broken into while it was parked in your building’s lot? In addition to your auto insurance payment, you could claim the loss on your renter’s insurance as well. This is especially helpful for high-cost items like electronics and collectibles. This coverage does not include anything that is permanently attached to your vehicle (car seats, installed radios, etc.).
  • Did your pet attack an unwelcome visitor? The liability coverage in your renter’s policy will help pay for medical and legal costs associated with any accidents that happen near your abode. Your policy also pays for damage your pet might cause to your neighbors’ property.

Chastain Agency Inc. provides renter’s insurance policies for residents in the Gainesville, GA area. Let us know how we can help you protect your important assets.