Why You Should Consider a Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owner’s policy or BOP is a good commercial insurance choice for businesses in and around Gainesville, GA. A BOP offers a lot of bundled insurance options that can serve as a start to protecting your business and assets. Here is more about why you need a BOP or equivalent from Chastain Agency Inc.

A BOP Comes With Liability Protection

One of the most important forms of insurance coverage any business needs is liability protection. This type of protection offers coverage against lawsuits that stem from claims or damage or injury caused by your product or service. A single lawsuit can completely stop a growing business in its track. That’s just one reason why liability protection is so important.

A BOP Comes With Property Insurance

Property insurance coverage will give your business assets some protection. This type of insurance covers the building where you do your business as well as the business property you use. If your business property suffers from damage or theft, this part of the BOP can kick in to cover it.

A BOP Comes With Business Interruption Coverage

When a covered event renders you unable to perform your business operations, this part of the BOP coverage can help you get by. For example, if a fire damages a device you need for business, this part of your insurance can cover the loss of income up to a certain amount.

A BOP Isn’t Always Enough

It’s true that a BOP can cover a lot, but there’s a lot it doesn’t cover as well. A BOP policy is excellent for small businesses and new businesses that haven’t yet decided on the full insurance needs of their business. A BOP is a safe bet to start with no matter what. If you need quality commercial insurance for your business in Gainesville, GA, contact the Chastain Agency Inc. today.