What Does Trucking Insurance Cover?

Trucking is a very lucrative but somewhat risky business venture. Without proper insurance, you can lose thousands of dollars on one simple trip that should have been easy. For those that live in the Gainesville, GA area, the agents with Chastain Agency Inc. can help you determine what type of trucking policy you need. Over the road trucking can be risky, but with the right policy in place, anyone can have a great trucking experience.

For those that own trucking business, having a good trucking policy is going to be a very beneficial thing. Trucking insurance covers a few different things. For starters, it helps to cover the driver the contents of your trucks. Say for instance you have a truck that has thousands of dollars of items in it and it is wrecked and the items are all destroyed. The truck is likely going to be covered on your auto policy for the company or on the trucking policy as is the contents of the truck.

Trucking insurance works to cover things like the truck itself, the contents of the truck and even things like vandalism. It is important that when you are working to create your trucking policy you take everything into consideration. The trucking policy is not just in place to protect the truck itself, but also to protect the contents of the truck and so much more. Your driver may also be covered on your trucking policy should they become injured while driving one of your trucks. For those that have a trucking business and live in the Gainesville, GA area, the agents with Chastain Agency Inc. can help you to create and maintain the perfect trucking policy to protect your business, your drivers, and your customers as well.