Top 4 Factors to Affect Boat Insurance Rates

Boat insurance can vary widely based on several factors. Since there is a bit of a risk that comes along with owning and operating a boat, your insurance rates, and coverage options may be different from one insurance agency to another. Each company will use a number of factors to determine whether you (and your boat) are at high risk. Find out more from a reputable insurance provider such as Chastain Agency Inc., which serves the Gainesville, GA area.


Whether or not you are married plays a role. Many companies will give you a less expensive rate if you are married. However, some do not give a different rate based on your status.

Where You’ll Use Your Boat

Where you plan to travel by your boat makes a big difference with your insurance rate. Areas with coastal exposure present more of a risk, so people who use or dock their boats there will see a higher rate. The power and the size of the boat are a factor here, as well. You may be able to get a one-trip or yearly rider in order to cover your boat for extended trips to places such as Mexico and the Bahamas.

Safety Equipment on Board

If you have safety equipment such as an automatic fire extinguisher system and GPS system on board, you can save on your insurance cost. You likely will be eligible for a certain type of discount in this instance.

Have a Clean Driving Record

If you have a clean driving record on your boat, you are much more likely to receive a low insurance rate. It also matters if you have a good driving record with your street automobile.

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