Should I have commercial insurance on my small business in Gainesville, GA

As a small business owner in Gainesville, GA you may be asking yourself if commercial insurance is something that you should have. This is just the type of question that the insurance specialists at Chastain Agency Inc. are qualified to talk about with you.  

In the state of Georgia, 97 percent of businesses are classified as small businesses. If you are feeling that you are on your own, you aren’t. Lots of other small businesses are dealing with exactly the same types of issues as you are. Here are some reasons for you to have commercial insurance. 

Worker’s Compensation

Georgia law requires any business with three or more full or part-time employees to have workers compensation or to be a qualified self-insurer.  

Employment practices liability insurance

When you have employees the risk is always there that a claim may be filed against you for harassment or wrongful termination. Having a commercial insurance policy can cover you against these types of suits which can be very expensive whether you are found innocent or guilty.

General liability

This coverage protects you when a customer is injured on your property or by one of your products.

Building coverage

Things happen, if the place where you do business is damaged by wind, lightning, fire or theft, you need to be able to do the necessary repairs so that you can get back to business as usual.

Business interruption

If your business is so damaged that you can’t operate for a period of time this coverage allows you to be able to continue receiving an income. Even though your business may be temporarily unable to operate, your bills don’t stop.

At Chastain Agency Inc. we welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss the type of commercial coverage that you need. Call and make an appointment or stop in at our Gainesville, GA office, we have the information that you need.