Why Renters Insurance is More Important in Georgia Now than Ever Before

Rent has been swiftly rising in Georgia, and our state now has the fifth fastest-growing rent rates in the entire nation. But as a tenant in the Gainesville, GA area or beyond, you don’t need to be told this — you already know!

That’s why the experts at Chastain Agency Inc. are here to help prevent unnecessary, big expenses with renters insurance. With a good policy in place, the extreme costs that come with damaging scenarios and liability claims won’t have to come straight out of your own pocket.

And the truth is that renters insurance is more important in Georgia now than ever. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Higher rent rates have come at a result of higher demand – More people are renting in Georgia now than ever, which also means new apartment complexes have more units and keep tenants in closer quarters.
  • Fires and other damaging incidents that start in one apartment often spread to other units. The tenant(s) deemed at fault may be held liable for a portion of the damage, if not all of it.
  • If someone gets injured in your home, even if they’re a neighbor who lives in the same building or complex, you can be held liable for their medical costs. 
  • Landlords aren’t required by law to have insurance, and even if they do, their coverage might not extend to tenants.
  • Theft and burglary rates may have fallen over the past several years in Georgia, but these cases are still far from uncommon. Even if your landlord does have a property insurance policy in place, it will cover the building — not your personal possessions. 

A good renters insurance policy will provide necessary coverage in a wide variety of situations. When you’re ready to explore your coverage options, come visit the Chastain Agency Inc. offices in Gainesville, GA or give us a call.