Will my Health Insurance Cover Cosmetic Surgery?

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Most people automatically believe (because this is what we have been told all our adult lives) that health insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery. That statement is in fact incorrect. While health insurance does not cover all plastic surgery procedures it does cover some or at least part of the procedure.

Medically Necessary

Some cosmetic surgeries are classified as medically necessary, these are the cosmetic surgeries that are paid for by your health insurance. Let’s look at a few of the cosmetic surgeries that are paid for because after all, we all know how expensive plastic surgery can be – any type of reconstructive surgery this would include a nose job, new cheeks, lip work, face life, etc. but the catch is you have to be horribly disfigured in an accident of some kind so not really an ideal situation.

Breast reduction or reconstruction if the breasts cause back pain a reduction can be deemed medically necessary. Breast reconstruction is only necessary in cases of breast cancer.

Eyelids are a common plastic surgery that is deemed medically necessary an eye lift also known as blepharoplasty is a droopy eyelid. It is a medically necessary surgery because it can interfere with the person’s vision.

To sum up health insurance and plastic surgery, if a persons’ body cannot function normally or if there are possible life-threatening complications due to a condition that would be normally considered plastic surgery the doctor/surgeon can deem the procedure medically necessary.

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