Auto Policies for Teenage Drivers

Drivers in the state of Georgia are required by law to have insurance coverage for their vehicles and everyone in the household who drives the vehicles. Liability insurance is mandatory, however, there are other supplemental policies available as well to extend coverage.  Parents or guardians with teenage drivers who fall in the fifteen to the eighteen-year-old range are often overwhelmed by the choices and rates for various policies. The Chastain Agency Inc.can help parents and guardians in the Gainesville GA area to choose the right policy for their teen driver. 

Most states including Georgia have implemented a graduated license system for teens between the ages of fifteen and eighteen.  Since traffic accidents are a leading cause of damage to vehicles, injury to the drivers and others, and even death in this age range, the limited license allows teens to gain experience in a more controlled way.  Discussing these risks with a qualified agent will help parents/guardians to find the right auto insurance coverage for their entire family.  

Families often choose to add their teen to an existing family auto policy.  Since the risk of an accident is higher in the first year of having their license, the insurance rates for a new driver are often higher.  Ask your agent at Chastain Agency Inc. about the following ways to lower rates:

  • Possibly raising deductibles to lower monthly payments
  • Ask about discounts 
  • Compare rates on SUVs and sports cars to those of vehicles considered safer for teen drivers.

If you are looking for insurance coverage in the Gainesville, GA area please visit our website for more information and to get started finding the right auto insurance policy for your teen driver.