Available health insurance options in Gainesville, GA

Notwithstanding the urgency to restructure and reform the health system and cost of health care, staying healthy is your primary concern but most important is owning a health insurance policy. Great news to all residents of Gainesville, GA, Chastain Agency Insurance Inc., is an independent insurance agency that offers high-quality services to our clients. We pride ourselves in our commitment to delivering health insurance services that are professional and even exceeds our client’s expectations. Folks in Gainesville GA, area, and the entire state of Georgia can put their mind at ease when it comes to the health insurance policy. Chastain Agency Insurance Inc. is the place to visit for all your insurance cover. We serve Individual, small, and big business health insurance cover.  

When your visit Chastain Agency Inc., whether you use your health insurance for regular or routine check-ups, the following insurance options will be available for all residents of Gainesville, GA, we provide medicare insurance, Individual & family Insurances, and Small & big Business insurance. Buying an individual and family health plan from Chastain Agency Inc., you are guaranteed for three types of health insurance. 

1. Affordable Care Act Plans provides a wide range of health care services for both outpatient and inpatient. Using this health care plan, you can save money on prescription drugs, hospital stays, routine doctors’ visits, and preventative care. 

2. Short-term Plans come to help those how can’t afford the Affordable Care Act by offsetting costs for emergency medical cover. 

3. Medical Indemnity Plans help cover coinsurance and copays, which are often regarded as out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Small business health insurance is another option that you will find at Chastain Agency Inc. It’s more economical friendly when you purchase small business health than purchasing coverage by yourself. The merit with this cover is that you can terminate it at any time of the year as you wish, and it’s a primarily guarantee coverage. 

Please visit or call our agents at Chastain Agency Insurance Inc. who provide you with more information on our health insurance policy.