Importance of Consulting with an Insurance Agent on Commercial Insurance

When you open a business in Gainesville, GA, you probably know that you need insurance. You might think you could simply use a widget online to buy a policy rather like buying auto insurance. Commercial insurance features a much larger diversity than that though and Chastain Agency Inc. wants you to understand why you need to consult with an agent via Zoom or in-person to build the right policy for your business.

More than 20 types of commercial insurance policies exist. Each business should meet with an agent for an interview, so the agent can inquire about business specifics to recommend the right policy types. The insurance agent will ask you things like:

  • Does your business store items for others, such as a dry cleaner or moving company, or storage unit building do?
  • Does your business transport items for others?
  • Does your business deliver items?
  • Do you own a storefront? Do you rent a storefront?
  • Do you run a home-based business?
  • What office equipment does your business own?
  • Do you own a commercial vehicle? How often do you drive it?
  • Will your business hold regular meetings or events? On your own premises or off-premises?

These questions offer examples of the type of questions you will be asked. Many more also exist, hence the interview. The responses you provide let the agent know which type of commercial insurance you need. Your business might only need a business owners policy (BOP) which provides the four most common policies in one bundle. It costs less than purchasing them separately.

You might need commercial auto for your vehicle or inland marine insurance if you deliver or transport items. A doctor requires malpractice insurance while a manufacturer needs errors and omissions insurance.

Contact Chastain Agency Inc. serving Gainesville, GA, to find out what commercial policies your business needs to protect its finances. We can help you protect your business and its financial future with the right insurance.