Buying Individual Health Insurance: 3 Vital Tips

Buying individual health insurance can be daunting, but it’s important to get the coverage that works best for you. Chastain Agency Inc. is dedicated to providing residents of Gainesville, GA with quality insurance services. There are different variations and types of health care plans hence it gets confusing to decide on the best plan for your needs.

Here are some vital tips to consider when buying individual health insurance.

Total Healthcare Costs

It’s vital to analyze your individual healthcare costs and medical requirements before settling for a plan. Consider a health plan with a vast range of benefits and covers several medical conditions for prime benefits. Healthcare is vital, so don’t compromise your needs to save some money; let our agents guide you on the best plan and coverage.

Plans and Categories

When it comes down to buying individual health insurance, consider how much you want to and are willing to pay in premiums. Choose a healthcare plan which you can comfortably pay for deductibles without straining financially. Make an affordable choice that lines with your budget limit and your medical requirements.


As much as these policies benefit the policyholder, they also have some restrictions. If overlooked, these restrictions could be very consequential. Look out for pre-existing clauses in high waiting period plans to know about exclusions from the coverage. That informs the conditions and diseases not covered under the specific plan. Also, ensure the network hospital coverage does not restrict your preferred doctors and hospitals from the list of insurers. Choosing us as your insurance provider allows access to a vast network of hospitals and helps you evade any inconveniences when making a claim.

Individual health insurance can be tricky, so allow our experts serving Gainesville, GA, to guide you in finding the right plan. Contact Chastain Agency Inc. to avoid making common mistakes when choosing an individual health insurance plan.