4 Key Areas Covered by Home Insurance

Your home is more than a roof over your head – it’s a place you retire to escape the chaos that out’s there. Your home is a shelter for your family and pets, and it’s one of the most significant financial commitments you will make in life. Given that your home is valuable to you, investing in an insurance policy that protects what matters most in your life makes sense. When you buy home insurance from Chastain Agency Inc. of Gainesville, GA, here are the critical areas protected by this coverage. 

Dwelling coverage

Most homeowners buy insurance to protect their structures from perils like fire, vandalism, lightning, hail, etc. Moreover, your home insurance can cover detached structures like the fence and swimming pool at an additional premium.

As a rule of thumb, buy dwelling coverage sufficient to replace your home from the ground up. However, take note that your typical home insurance doesn’t cover you against risks like floods, earthquakes, and sewer backup.

Personal assets

You may think that your personal belongings aren’t worth much, but you will be surprised when you conduct a home inventory. Walk from room to room and list everything you own. Your home insurance compensates you should loss or damage occur to your assets.

Liability coverage

Most homeowners don’t pay attention to liability coverage, but it’s one of the most important coverages to invest in. This coverage protects your assets and earnings when accused of liability claims. Home insurance covers you when third parties accuse you of bodily injury and property damage.

Loss of use

When a peril listed in your home insurance policy makes your home unlivable, home insurance can cover the costs you incur in a temporary shelter until your home is repaired.

Home insurance in Gainesville, GA

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