Three misconceptions about commercial insurance

Commercial insurance protects business owners from financial surprises that could compromise the future of their companies. Chastain Agency Inc. is a commercial insurance provider in Gainesville, GA.

Unfortunately, there are some common misconceptions out there when it comes to commercial insurance. The following are three misconceptions about commercial insurance. 

Small businesses don’t need commercial insurance.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit significantly from carrying commercial insurance. You shouldn’t assume your business venture doesn’t need to be insured because it’s relatively small.

Not only does commercial insurance protect your company financially, but it can also make it easier for you to acquire business loans. Many lenders will only loan business capital to companies with commercial insurance. 

You don’t need commercial insurance if you run your business out of your home.

Business owners operating commercial ventures outside their homes sometimes think they don’t need commercial insurance. Such business owners also sometimes feel that their home insurance will cover them for business operations that are run out of their homes.

The truth is that even home-based businesses can benefit from commercial insurance coverage, and home insurance won’t provide any coverage for business operations within a home. 

All commercial insurance policies are more or less the same.

Commercial insurance is one of the least standardized types of insurance out there. Every commercial insurance policy is unique and addresses an individual company’s unique needs and risks.

You need to take the time to carefully design a policy that best fits your company’s unique situation when you buy commercial insurance. 

We’re happy to help you to meet your commercial insurance needs in Gainesville, GA. Give us a call at Chastain Agency Inc. We can provide you with the helpful information you need about commercial insurance options and give you a quote on one of our policies.