How much life insurance is enough

Life insurance is something that can be awkward to talk about. It is, however, an important part of financial planning. The person to talk to about life insurance is one of the experienced agents at Chastain Agency Inc. in Gainesville, GA. We can help you to navigate the sometimes confusing world of insurance, including life coverage. 

Before you can determine how much life insurance you need, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do I have any outstanding debt?
  • Does anyone count on me for financial support?
  • Do I want to leave a legacy for my children or grandchildren?
  • Have I made arrangement for my final expenses? 

If you have no outstanding debt, no one counts on you for financial support, you don’t want to leave a legacy and you have already made your final arrangements then you do not need very much if any life insurance. If however, you do have outstanding debt such as a mortgage or credit card debt, you should have enough life insurance to pay them off. 

If you have a family that counts on your income you need to have enough life insurance to make sure that they can survive for at least a few years without you. You may also want to include enough to pay for college for children or grandchildren when determining the amount. 

At the very least, you should have enough life insurance to pay for your final expenses which these days can be quite a lot. You don’t want to add to your family’s grief with the burden of coming up with the necessary money to pay for your funeral. 

At the Chastain Agency Inc. in Gainesville, GA we have the information you need to make an educated decision about your life insurance. Stop by our office or give us a call. We will be happy to share our knowledge with you. 

Should I have commercial insurance on my small business in Gainesville, GA

As a small business owner in Gainesville, GA you may be asking yourself if commercial insurance is something that you should have. This is just the type of question that the insurance specialists at Chastain Agency Inc. are qualified to talk about with you.  

In the state of Georgia, 97 percent of businesses are classified as small businesses. If you are feeling that you are on your own, you aren’t. Lots of other small businesses are dealing with exactly the same types of issues as you are. Here are some reasons for you to have commercial insurance. 

Worker’s Compensation

Georgia law requires any business with three or more full or part-time employees to have workers compensation or to be a qualified self-insurer.  

Employment practices liability insurance

When you have employees the risk is always there that a claim may be filed against you for harassment or wrongful termination. Having a commercial insurance policy can cover you against these types of suits which can be very expensive whether you are found innocent or guilty.

General liability

This coverage protects you when a customer is injured on your property or by one of your products.

Building coverage

Things happen, if the place where you do business is damaged by wind, lightning, fire or theft, you need to be able to do the necessary repairs so that you can get back to business as usual.

Business interruption

If your business is so damaged that you can’t operate for a period of time this coverage allows you to be able to continue receiving an income. Even though your business may be temporarily unable to operate, your bills don’t stop.

At Chastain Agency Inc. we welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss the type of commercial coverage that you need. Call and make an appointment or stop in at our Gainesville, GA office, we have the information that you need.


What Factors Determine My Motorcycle Insurance Premium?

Gainesville, GA residents who drive motorcycles are required to insure their bikes by law, with a minimum of $25,000 to cover bodily injury per person and $50,000 total for injury or death. 

A number of factors can affect how much you are charged, including where you live. Drivers in states with longer winters and shorter riding seasons may pay decreased rates, as they will typically have less occasion to be involved in accidents. Age plays a significant role in your premiums, as younger riders are considered to be at a greater risk on the road. Costs will continue to decline until a rider reaches seventy years of age. 

Experience also plays an important role, one reason teenagers are expensive to insure. What this also means, however, is that an older driver who is just beginning may pay more than someone younger who has ridden longer. 

Your riding habits matter, too. If you’re using your motorcycle recreationally on the weekends, it won’t set you back as much as when you ride to and from work every day. If you’ve been ticketed for speeding, whether on your bike or in your car, this can trigger higher rates, although these violations can fall off your record after three years. 

Your accident history is important as well, though it will make a difference as to whether the incident was your fault or someone else’s. Also of consideration is the type of vehicle you are purchasing, its engine size, and whether it is high performance. 

Chastain Agency Inc. Can Help You

At Chastain Agency Inc. we work hard to find the insurance package that will best meet your needs, and we serve those living in the Gainesville, GA area. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Top 4 Factors to Affect Boat Insurance Rates

Boat insurance can vary widely based on several factors. Since there is a bit of a risk that comes along with owning and operating a boat, your insurance rates, and coverage options may be different from one insurance agency to another. Each company will use a number of factors to determine whether you (and your boat) are at high risk. Find out more from a reputable insurance provider such as Chastain Agency Inc., which serves the Gainesville, GA area.


Whether or not you are married plays a role. Many companies will give you a less expensive rate if you are married. However, some do not give a different rate based on your status.

Where You’ll Use Your Boat

Where you plan to travel by your boat makes a big difference with your insurance rate. Areas with coastal exposure present more of a risk, so people who use or dock their boats there will see a higher rate. The power and the size of the boat are a factor here, as well. You may be able to get a one-trip or yearly rider in order to cover your boat for extended trips to places such as Mexico and the Bahamas.

Safety Equipment on Board

If you have safety equipment such as an automatic fire extinguisher system and GPS system on board, you can save on your insurance cost. You likely will be eligible for a certain type of discount in this instance.

Have a Clean Driving Record

If you have a clean driving record on your boat, you are much more likely to receive a low insurance rate. It also matters if you have a good driving record with your street automobile.

Give Chastain Agency Inc. a call or reach out via the online contact form today with your questions about boat insurance. We have been assisting boat owners in the Gainesville, GA region for several years and would love to help you.

What Does Trucking Insurance Cover?

Trucking is a very lucrative but somewhat risky business venture. Without proper insurance, you can lose thousands of dollars on one simple trip that should have been easy. For those that live in the Gainesville, GA area, the agents with Chastain Agency Inc. can help you determine what type of trucking policy you need. Over the road trucking can be risky, but with the right policy in place, anyone can have a great trucking experience.

For those that own trucking business, having a good trucking policy is going to be a very beneficial thing. Trucking insurance covers a few different things. For starters, it helps to cover the driver the contents of your trucks. Say for instance you have a truck that has thousands of dollars of items in it and it is wrecked and the items are all destroyed. The truck is likely going to be covered on your auto policy for the company or on the trucking policy as is the contents of the truck.

Trucking insurance works to cover things like the truck itself, the contents of the truck and even things like vandalism. It is important that when you are working to create your trucking policy you take everything into consideration. The trucking policy is not just in place to protect the truck itself, but also to protect the contents of the truck and so much more. Your driver may also be covered on your trucking policy should they become injured while driving one of your trucks. For those that have a trucking business and live in the Gainesville, GA area, the agents with Chastain Agency Inc. can help you to create and maintain the perfect trucking policy to protect your business, your drivers, and your customers as well.  

Why You Should Consider a Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A business owner’s policy or BOP is a good commercial insurance choice for businesses in and around Gainesville, GA. A BOP offers a lot of bundled insurance options that can serve as a start to protecting your business and assets. Here is more about why you need a BOP or equivalent from Chastain Agency Inc.

A BOP Comes With Liability Protection

One of the most important forms of insurance coverage any business needs is liability protection. This type of protection offers coverage against lawsuits that stem from claims or damage or injury caused by your product or service. A single lawsuit can completely stop a growing business in its track. That’s just one reason why liability protection is so important.

A BOP Comes With Property Insurance

Property insurance coverage will give your business assets some protection. This type of insurance covers the building where you do your business as well as the business property you use. If your business property suffers from damage or theft, this part of the BOP can kick in to cover it.

A BOP Comes With Business Interruption Coverage

When a covered event renders you unable to perform your business operations, this part of the BOP coverage can help you get by. For example, if a fire damages a device you need for business, this part of your insurance can cover the loss of income up to a certain amount.

A BOP Isn’t Always Enough

It’s true that a BOP can cover a lot, but there’s a lot it doesn’t cover as well. A BOP policy is excellent for small businesses and new businesses that haven’t yet decided on the full insurance needs of their business. A BOP is a safe bet to start with no matter what. If you need quality commercial insurance for your business in Gainesville, GA, contact the Chastain Agency Inc. today.

4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Renter’s Insurance Covered

Renter’s insurance helps protect the personal property of those living in the Gainesville, GA area. You already know that your clothes, electronics, and other personal effects are covered. But what else can your renter’s insurance do? Here are some of the lesser-known perks of a renter’s insurance policy from Chastain Agency Inc.

  • Is your living space infested with cockroaches, rats, or other unsavory vermin? Your renter’s policy could help you pay for an exterminator. You may also be able to claim funds for damages to your property related to the infestation.
  • Did an accident or natural disaster render your living space uninhabitable for a short period of time? Many renter’s insurance policies pay for temporary lodgings due to covered events. That means if you need to move into a hotel while your home is repaired, your insurance carrier will foot the bill.
  • Was your car broken into while it was parked in your building’s lot? In addition to your auto insurance payment, you could claim the loss on your renter’s insurance as well. This is especially helpful for high-cost items like electronics and collectibles. This coverage does not include anything that is permanently attached to your vehicle (car seats, installed radios, etc.).
  • Did your pet attack an unwelcome visitor? The liability coverage in your renter’s policy will help pay for medical and legal costs associated with any accidents that happen near your abode. Your policy also pays for damage your pet might cause to your neighbors’ property.

Chastain Agency Inc. provides renter’s insurance policies for residents in the Gainesville, GA area. Let us know how we can help you protect your important assets.


Health Insurance Makes The Difference

Health insurance is one of those things people sometimes groan about. They don’t understand the terms, they aren’t sure where to go to get insurance, or they just think it takes too much time. They have fallen into the habit of thinking that they have to do this alone. It’s not like that at all here at Chastain Agency Inc. We’re proud to serve the Gainesville, GA communities where thousands of people find the solutions they need to their health insurance problems.

Our experienced insurance consultants will sit down with you, discuss terms, clear up misconceptions, and show you what policies are already out there for you. We make signing up easy, and you won’t have to call several insurance providers or otherwise spend a lot of time on this issue. That way you can get back to other things in your life.

Health insurance is essential in today’s world. That doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to get. Let us help you make this easy. We can talk in person, over the phone, or online. Once we’ve asked you some questions, listened to you, and explained what’s out there for you, you’ll have a great deal more confidence in your health insurance policy than what you had before. That peace of mind is only a phone call away. You won’t be left alone to struggle with terms, and you will find the support you need for now and in the future.

At Chastain Agency Inc., we have immediate access to numerous national insurance providers so you can see them right there, right away. Your policies will be aligned with state and federal regulations, cover your present needs living in and around Gainesville, GA, and be flexible for the future. Contact us today.

Life Insurance coverage in Gainesville, GA

Life insurance seekers in Georgia have a responsibility to learn the set rules enveloping life insurance policies. These laws predominantly deal with claims and are essential to get some basic knowledge about them. The primary purpose of a life insurance policy is to provide financial protection to a policy holder’s dependents after their death.

At Chastain Agency Inc. in Gainesville, GA, we recommend that an individual seeks advice from a certified insurance company or agent who will advise you based on your options and find the type that suits you best. Life insurance in Georgia is divided into two categories:

Term insurance

From its title, term life insurance offers coverage for a particular period. This kind of protection is an excellent option for starters or any individual hoping to buy life insurance for the first time.

It’s quite economical especially for economic-conscious residents and comes in several unique term periods, although the same insurance can be quickly converted to a permanent policy based on your preference and demands. 

Premium options come with varying periods of between 1-30 years duration. The basics of term insurance include the following:

  • Cover for a distinctly short span.
  • Rates may change when distinct terms expire
  • Lower premiums but extended coverage
  • Can never be managed as cash value

Permanent insurance

This popular life insurance policy is characterized by the ability to protect an individual all through their life so long as the premiums are paid as specified by the coverage. The basics include:

  • Covers throughout the entire lifetime
  • Builds equity and has a cash value
  • Higher but reasonable premiums 
  • Offer flexibility at various stages

Life is priceless, that is why we work hard to ensure our loved ones are covered. The whole insurance sector may be quite overwhelming but not when you have Chastain Agency Inc. in Gainesville, GA. We welcome you to call or visit us, and we shall take charge of all your insurance needs.

Commercial Insurance Tips for High Turnover Fleets

Business owners in Gainesville, GA, have plenty to keep them busy. If you are in a business with a fleet of vehicles, the last thing you want is to waste time and effort keeping up with changing insurance needs. Yet, many fleets need to replace those vehicles on a regular basis. Understanding this, Chastain Agency Inc. has gathered a few tips to help those of you with high vehicle turnover.

Boost Security

Having high vehicle turnover means that the average value of each vehicle in the fleet will remain high. When you reduce the risk of theft, it often empowers your insurer to cut premiums despite the fact that your vehicles are worth more. Secure parking is the first step in that process. Ironically, fleet vehicles are often at highest risk when they aren’t in use. If you can demonstrate secure parking, it goes a long way to slash the risk of theft.

Similarly, investing in GPS tracking gives your insurer a lot more confidence that they won’t be replacing stolen vehicles. This is especially important when vehicles are not assigned to dedicated drivers (such as with car rental companies). While these are the big two security issues, anything you can do that protects your vehicles can help keep insurance costs down. But, as always, the details of potential savings will depend on your exact policy.

Get Close to Your Agent

Obviously, you don’t want to be paying for insurance on vehicles that are no longer in the fleet. The best way to keep your insurer informed about changes to the size and content of the fleet is to maintain close contact with your representative. You can trust that your insurer will want to facilitate this relationship, and you can make things even easier by helping them anticipate turnover schedules and planned changes. This empowers them to help your policy adapt freely, and it is your best bet for keeping insurance costs from rising unnecessarily.

As always, if you have additional questions or concerns, you can always contact your Chastain Agency Inc. representative serving Gainesville, GA.