Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Commercial Insurance

When most entrepreneurs think about getting commercial insurance for their business, the increase in operational costs always comes to mind. However, there are many ways to make commercial insurance cheaper for your business in Gainesville, GA. Here’s how:

1. Minimize risks

Minimizing the risks at your place of business will make your employees and customers safer, resulting in lower premiums for your business insurance. You can reduce the risk at your business premises by initiating a risk training program for employees and conducting regular risk management reviews for employees and customers. 

2. Categorize Your Employees’ Risk Profile Accordingly

Whether in an industry with a high or low risk of staff injury, properly categorizing their risk profile in your business insurance policy is essential. Not classifying your staff’s risk profile correctly if you are in an industry with a low risk of injury means you will be paying unnecessarily high premiums. In contrast, downplaying the risks that your staff are exposed to in the workplace may lead to your claim being denied if an accident occurs. We at Chastain Agency Inc. recommend that you consult with your insurer to categorize your staff’s risk profile correctly. 

3. Evaluate Your Policy Annually

Reviewing your commercial insurance policy annually is critical to keep its cost down. Doing this annual review will allow you to make changes to your policy, such as applying discounts and removing the add-in coverages you no longer need. 

4. Pay Your Premium at Once

You can make your commercial insurance cheaper if you opt to pay your premiums at once rather than dividing the payments into portions. This is because you will avoid paying a fee for the privilege of subdividing your premiums. 

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