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Renters Insurance in Georgia

Many homeowners in Gainesville, GA understand the importance of having a homeowners insurance policy to protect their property and belongings, but not all renters realize that they need an insurance policy of their own to protect their things in case of theft or if a fire occurs at the building you are living in. If you rent space in a home or apartment building, a homeowner's policy or a commercial policy will not protect your assets as those policies are intended to protect the owners of the property. If you aren't sure a renter's insurance policy is for you, here are three reasons you should consider before turning down coverage.

Protect Against Theft: Over 60,000 homes are broken into each year in Georgia, and all your expensive computer equipment, television sets, smartphones, and other things can be taken from your apartment within minutes. You will typically have to spend thousands of dollars to replace the items stolen provided you have the money.

Fire: Nearly 400,000 fires occur in residential buildings for a dollar loss of almost $7 billion dollars in the United States each year. If a fire strikes your apartment, you can easily lose everything you own. Even if the flames don't burn your things, the smoke can ruin your furniture, clothes, and other items. If a fire happens in your apartment, you could end up on the street without any belongings if you are not financially protected.

Liability: If someone visits your apartment and they get hurt inside it, you could be held liable for the medical costs to treat the injuries and not the landlord. Liability coverage protects you financially against someone falling or suffering some injury while visiting you at home.

Renter's insurance is affordable and easy to obtain. If you live in Georgia, you should call us at the Chastain Agency Inc. in Gainesville, GA so we can sit down and review your needs so you can obtain a renter's insurance policy that is right for you.

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